The Talking Dead #77: “Berry Flavoured Teeth”

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It’s finally time for another episode of The Talking Dead. This week we cover all the latest news, get caught up on listener feedback, and announce our first Walking Dead actor spotlight for this summer. Thanks for tuning in!

This week in the news:

The Walking Dead Actor Spotlight: David Morrissey

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3 comments on The Talking Dead #77: “Berry Flavoured Teeth”

  1. Rayn says:

    Hi guys I just listened to the podcast and wanted to let you know that Sportman’s Deer Cooler is a Meat Processing Plant, and slaughter house. Have a Great Day 🙂

  2. frankyao says:

    Senoia is obviously will be the set for Woodbury, not prison.The producer Glen Mazzare said the prison plot will last from Season 3 to Season 4, so I guess the season 3 will run two parallel stories, one is Rick’s group in the prison, the another one is governor’s group in Woodbury, I could see season 3 is about Rick and his group find the prison and establish their little world there, and the same time governor become the leader of the Woodbury, lot of horrible things would happen in both communities, in that process we could see the character development in both of them, Rick and governor may never even met each other in the season 3, their clash would be the stories in the season 4.

  3. MANC2311 says:

    The NUTNFANCY channel on YouTube recently reviewed a range of katanas/samurai weapons manafactured by Cold Steel.Love the pod,for Andrew Lincolns best role (WD apart) watch Teachers.

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