The Talking Dead #83: “Stink sphere”

This week on The Talking Dead Jason and I breakdown the 4 minute season 3 trailer and debate the merit of issue #100.


The Walking Dead #100 review

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5 comments on The Talking Dead #83: “Stink sphere”

  1. Jason says:

    Episode 100 was such a let down. I have generally like the comic because I never knew when something was going to happen, but with the build-up to 100, we all knew something bad was going to happen to someone. I think Kirkman just projected it too much. Oh well…keep reading.

    1. Adam Owen says:

      Agreed. While i understand it is a zombie story that keeps going, it seems like the latest development is just more of the same. Governor clone, to be dispatched by Rick (eventually). not to mention an incredibly cruel and unnecessarily gross ending to a great character.

      1. Chris says:

        I agree, and this is why I’m feeling like the comic needs to somehow go in a fundamentally different direction than the path it’s been stuck in for a while.

        I think this “continuing story of survival horror” is starting to reveal some of the limitations of the genre.

      2. Bishop says:

        Personally? I would have been completely happy to have the happy couple just go off and live their life somewhere, never to have been heard from again. I reckon that’s just not the way the Kirkmanverse rocks though. I’m over my initial disappointment with issue #100 and am back on board. With reservations however. Perhaps I might have enjoyed the issue more if there just wasn’t so much hype around The Event.

  2. jerry113 says:

    lol are u guys canadaians

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