The Talking Dead #93: s3e3 – “Return To Civility”

This week on the program Jason and I recap season 3 episode 3, “Walk With Me”. What did we think of our first introduction to The Governor? Tune in to find out, along with listener feedback and Holy Crap! Thanks for listening!

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7 comments on The Talking Dead #93: s3e3 – “Return To Civility”

  1. Malone79 says:

    HowStuffWorks “M1 Tank Engines”
    ^ (copy past if link don’t work) ^

    “The low-weight, high-power turbine engine lets the M1 move faster and maneuver better than most comparable tanks. According to General Dynamics Land Systems, the tank can accelerate from 0 to 20 miles per hour in 7.2 seconds”

    just looked up quickly, I never knew…..

  2. Rob Chapman says:

    I agree the show desperately needs a proper military consultant. Too bad Dale Dye is wasting his time on Falling Skies. I would do it for scale.

  3. Michael says:

    Okay, so just my two cents observing Episode 3.3, and being a complete The Walking Dead comic virgin…

    It could just be me, maybe I am personally not as trusting, I picked up on an undertone Andrea sort of “playing along” and signalling to Michonne, “hey, don’t worry about this, you’re great with the zombie camo cowboy sword slinging, but I got this township politic navigation…”.

    I think Andrea is intentionally giving misinformation to help throw them off, especially after direct lines of questions.

    I think Andrea is onto the Governor too: she sees a more “stable” version of Shane before Shane snapped; which makes him radically dangerous, and she knows it.

    Or perhaps the Governor hasn’t snapped yet either; some allusions to his character not being as “fully developed” (i.e. me being the TWD comic virgin and all).

    I think Andrea is holding out at a completely other level than Michonne is willing to submit to. Probably holding out for the now-unbeknownst-to-Andrea-Ricktatorship.

    1. Troy says:

      I have to disagree with Michael. I think out of all the character Andrea was the one who seemed to have the most hope for this world back in Season 1. The hope slipped away after the death of her sister and she tried to end her life at the end of that season (of course Dale intervened). In season 2 hope returns with the farm. The idea that they might find some sense of normalcy here. Yes, the occassional walker but for the most part they have hot water, food, and a means of taking care of themselves without having to do too much scouting for supplies. That hope is then dashed away when she finds herself abandoned (albeit accidentally) by the group and she’s left to fend for herself. She then meets Michonne, but by the end of winter finds herself very ill and near death. All hope, again is lost. She’s spend more time with Michonne than she has with the group from Atlanta. But when she hooks up with the Governor she’s at her lowest. She’s lost all hope again. I think Woodberry is the first glimps of real normalcy that she’s seen since this all began 8 months ago. She feels it could be too good to be true but finds herself wanting it so bad that ends up allowing herself to over-look the odd things that she’s chosing to blind herself to what Michonne sees. I do think the tea has a drug in it that makes people tell the truth and that’s why the Governor needs it. I don’t recall the Governor drinking it. And I think Andrea gravitates toward strong men, so it would not surprise me to see Andrea devlop a sexual relationship with the Governor. And this challenges her friendship with Michonne. (Side note: Andreas pistol was in the case with Michonne’s sword).

  4. Jeff says:

    Re: The Tea

    I think the tea has an addictive quality to it. Not in the fun, I am high as ballz way, but like, the sad, Intervention, heroin withdraw. But I think it could be even more crazy then that. I think that there is something in the tea so crazy, if you become dependent on it and stop drinking it, YOU DIE! Notice how Michonne never drinks it….

  5. Michael says:

    Re: the whole split story line arcs going on… From a “role playing” genre, it’s every GM’s worst nightmare. However, from a TV production standpoint, it is every Executive Producer’s best possible scenario; I believe it to be mostly about the budget, especially with so many proven strong supporting or leading roles in the core group. Much easier to employ basically extras, or 2-3 liner actors, than the menagerie cast. NBC Friends had the same thing working against them for a contract extension at the end of that series.

  6. Adrian says:

    Two comments…..

    1. When sending the kid to kill the soldier that was running away, the Governor asked him to put an end to his “days” not knees.
    2. Another listener comment asked why Merle was so compliant with the Governor. This could be another supporter for the calming / controlling nature of the “tea”

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