In our longest podcast yet, Jason and I break down the most recent episode of The Walking Dead – the unforgettable “Killer Within”. As always, we also read some listener feedback and Holy Crap! Did you see that!?

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Comments (9)
  1. Great episode. They Mike the Headless Chicken conversation deserved and received an out loud laugh at work. Nice work gentleman.

  2. Carl was culpable for Dale’s death, put down Walker Shane and then had to put a bullet through his mother’s head. I believe the ‘Killer Within’ refers to Carl and his ‘growth’ into a killing machine in this miserable world. Will he be demented or just a John Connor hardened solider only Kirkman knows. Well I keep hoping Kirkman actually has a plan and is not just torturing all of us and the characters for nothing.

  3. During an interview on the AMC website the The Walking Dead, Gale Heard talked about why they chose this episode for T-Dog’s death. And I wasn’t really happen about the reason, though I understand storywise why they did it. When T-Dog dies they wanted the audience to think that this was THE big death in the episode so that when it came time for Lori’s death it would be that much more shocking and unexpected. It does put her death of higher importance that T-Dog’s when you analyze it, but – in a nut shell, that was why they did it this week and not later in the season. IronE was interviewed on AMC’s The Talking Dead this week and he expressed immense gratitude to Gale Heard (who also guest starred) for giving T-Dog a heroic death. They commented that it is the first time we’ve seen a charcter give up their life, willingly for another. Lori’s death was the second to do it. Lori understood that this baby’s survival was important for the group to give them “hope” for the future. Those that have read the comics will know why I highlight that word…

    • Okay, I’m an idiot, forget my reference to “hope” as being important to the comics. I checked and the baby was NOT named Hope. I guess that would have been cheezy anyway.

  4. You talk about Lori’s death cheapens T-Dog’s and in a way I agree. That said I don’t think that his death was overlooked. In fact most people I have spoke to could care less about Lori and are upset about T-Dog.

  5. Love you guys and love the podcast.

    Hens. Female chickens are hens. And Guy Fawkes was the villian of the plot to blow up Parliament, not the hero.

  6. I’d like to point out that any woman is capable of breast-feeding even if they’ve never been pregnant. So, there are at least two members of the group who’d be able to act as wet nurse. Three, if Carol turns out to be alive.

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