The Talking Dead #95: s3e5 – “Reverse Scarecrow”

Join us as we recap season 3 episode 5 of The Walking Dead, “Say The Word”. We also have some great listener feedback and of course, Holy Crap! Did you see that!?

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7 comments on The Talking Dead #95: s3e5 – “Reverse Scarecrow”

  1. Will says:

    I’m not really sure why you guys were unclear on the idea Lori was eaten. I thought it was a terrific punch to the gut that Rick doesn’t even get the closure of finding her body. There were obviously bones sticking out of the zombies throat, but I agree there is no way the zombie ate all of her skeleton. I like to think there were a lot of gore and pieces scattered around the room, though It might be a bit much for a basic cable channel to show.

    1. Jesus says:

      Hello, Guys. While watching the talking dead. Mr. Nicotero said that the belly zombie had drag lori around the corner to the back of the boiler room. And ate lori back there. Hence the blood drag marks toward the back of the boiler room and where Rick found the zombie in the back. And if you noticed Rick was in the back of the boiling room croaching and possibly looking at Dead Lori in the back before the phone rings.

    2. hacman says:

      This is what happens when you have viewers/fans looking for realism in a show about Zombies firchrissakes. They miss out on the drama contained in the story.

    3. Troy Lazarus says:

      I also caught the idea that the walker had eaten Lori. Though I guess I was imagining that it probably didn’t eat her entire body…that maybe other walkers had also participated but that this one had consumed the most and simply collapsed. And perhaps her gutted remains were just not shown.

  2. Wes says:

    Guys – it’s Milton and his tea keeping daughter Penny in control (sortof). They took out her teeth too I noticed – to be safe. In nis lab, Milton keeps experimenting on ways to bring people back (to some degree). I think Milton is working on a way to create an army of guidable Zombies to conquer the territory for Woodbury. The tea must also be some type of inhibitor for people to avoid or stave off Zombieism. As for Michon’s fate – she will get captured by the Governor’s men & Milton will intentionally make her a Zombie, and try to keep her under control with his newest tea. When Milton perfects all this, he will take control from the Governor, and become the maniacal ruler he harbors inside…that is, until Merle takes him out.
    One more thing – opossums do hiss. When they aren’t playing dead, they hiss, especially if they know playing dead won’t work. I walk up on them every morning in my trash cans by the garage. They run away, they hiss when cornered, and if you hit them with a rake, they play dead – even though they aren’t.

  3. Robbie says:

    I propose that a reverse scarecrow be known forever more as a “here-crow.”

    And, as a life-long resident of the area where most of TWD takes place, Darryl would know that proper ‘possum cooking involves taking the critter alive and “feeding it out,” which is what the old timers used to do. Opossums eat carrion, so they would catch them, and feed them corn and grain for a few days to remove their yukky former meals 🙂

    Also, thanks for the podcast–in just a few weeks, you guys have moved into the top slot on my playlist. Awesome!

  4. Troy Lazarus says:

    Greg did not confirm Carol was dead. He was speaking from the perspective of the other characters. During the preview for the next episode they find a walker with Carol’s knife stuck in its head. We have been told that the mystery of what happened to Carol would be revealed before the mid-season finale.

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