The Talking Dead #97: s3e7 – “Comfort, Johnson, and Duso”

Join us for episode 97 of The Talking Dead, where we welcome Dave back to the show to help us recap season 3 episode 7, “When the Dead Come Knocking”.

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7 comments on The Talking Dead #97: s3e7 – “Comfort, Johnson, and Duso”

  1. Alex Swindell says:

    Hey guys. Alex from North Carolina here. Just wanted to make a comment about Episode 7. Specifically about the very last shot of the Governor. I agree that some of this facial reaction was due to concern, but I don’t know that it was all about the prison or another group. I believe the reason the Governor has let Milton waste precious resources on experimenting with zombie memories is for selfish reasons. Not for the advance of science. He’s holding on to hope his daughter is still his daughter and is trying to have Milton prove it. And I think that Andrea telling him that it was a failure and that there are no residual memories has basically dashed any hope he had left his daughter is still in the creature.

    Thanks and keep up the awesome work.

  2. Alex Swindell says:

    Alex again…

    A quick thing about the “Fantasy League” and trading people. The formula basically represents the baby’s life. So you’re basically trading Michonne and a baby for two healthy adults who provide supplies and do more than just consume supplies. So if taking emotion completely out of the equation, then the baby is nothing but a hinderance. Anyway, Maggie and Glen could just make more babies in the future. So there’s my horrible thought for the day.

  3. Sean Carter says:

    Just came to say what Alex said above about the Governor & his daughter regarding the results of the experiment. I think that’s what that scene was about.

    1. Sean Carter says:

      Oh also, about the “loud” smell. I’ve never heard a smell described as loud, but I imagine it’s the same as with a really bright/colorful shirt which could be described as loud.

  4. odelay says:

    Just to confirm, I also heard Daryl say it smells loud in here. Keep up the good work! Tuesday is now my favorite day of the week. 🙂

  5. Troy Lazarus says:

    I think everyone seemed to miss why the walker outside the prison started to smell Michonne. It’s not that her gore was wearing off. She reached down with her fingers and pressed on her leg wound. When she did that, she got fresh blood on her fingers. Then she reached up and grabbed the fence right next to that walker’s face. He was smelling the fresh blood on her fingers. When he did this, it brought enough attention to herself that it and the others began to realize that she was fresh meat. — Here’s a Milton question. What is the possibility that Milton will wind up turning himself into a walker in order to see first hand if there are any residual memories? — The old hermit was using the dead dog to mask his scent so the walkers wouldn’t find him in that cabin. A “loud smell” just means that it smells extremely bad. — I predict that Rick and his team will be captured trying to get into Woodberry and I think Andrea will cause that to happen without realizing who they are. — Glenn Mazara did say that the Prison was last possibly through half of season 4. I think the Governor’s transformation will be at the midseason finale. I think if something happens to Penny, that will put him over the edge. And I think walkers are going to get into Woodberry and kill some of the Governor’s civilians. — I understand Andrea…she’s one of my favorite characters… I’ll tell you why in another format, maybe after the midseason finale.

  6. Rob Chapman says:

    Regarding the Bayonet under Glenn’s nose. Merle is using a Pressure Point Control Tactic used by every Police Officer/Corrections Officer here in the states. Mostly used with a Kubaton you can use leverage to apply pressure against nerve centers or the hard cartilage under the nose. The move Merle used is a particularly painful one since it can ‘break’ the nose.
    FYI, Merle is using “Krav Maga” fighting tactics. An offensive and very violent form of fighting taught by the Israeli military and popular among MMA fighters.

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