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The Walking Dead is back on the air which means we’re back to our regular format. This week on the show we have the latest Walking Dead news, listener feedback, Holy crap! Did you see that?, and of course our recap and discussion of season 2 episode 8, “Nebraska”.

This week in the news:

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  1. Hi. I just heard you talk about Dave saying “Maybe someday I will” in reference to Tony’s “Eat Me” and you brought up the idea of cannibalism.

    I don’t think that’s what he was joking or talking about at all. I think he was simply joking and saying -maybe someday I’ll be a zombie and will be trying to eat you.

    Anyway – keep up the great work.


  2. I think you guys are wrong. Rick definitely shoots Dave in the head. His head snaps back and the blood splatter is high up on the mirror behind him. Although I’m surprised the mirror didn’t break as the bullet would have exited the body for the blood to hit the wall behind him… Then Rick intentionally caps Tony in the head after he’s down. Now, on that note… a cop is trained 3 shots to the center of the chest. Rick went for head shots. I think he definitely knew that he’d have to shoot them in the heads to avoid them coming back as Walkers. For me, this supports the theory that Jenner told Rick that everyone is infected.

  3. Hey – nice job with the podcasts. I plugged in to the story-sync on my iPad during the broadcast on Sunday and was underwhelmed. The extra and interactive content consisted of a few polls, quotes, some stills from the show, and a number of ads – really not worth keeping my iPad glued to my side for the duration of the show. Following the viewer discussion during commercials was interesting, but I could have checked that later. I probably won’t bother with it during the broadcast next week. On the issue of the cannibalism reference – I agree with mike above. I think Dave was simply joking about his own potential for being a walker in the future and taking a bite out of Tony.

  4. Welp I have seen some un aired clips for Triggerfinger and to me it looks like the Governor is going to be introduced a lot sooner then people think,from what I have seen the two killed in EP08 are indeed part of a much larger group operating in the area and I’ll leave it at that.

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