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4 comments on Supporters

  1. Patrick rea says:

    Hi guys
    First of all I would like to say I’m a massive fan of your show.second of all Alicia calculating how much air they had left is possible. However she would need to know the area of the bunker,how much air the average human breathes per minute.
    Secondly I loved the shot where it lingered on alicas tatto that her old boyfriend gave her before the walker virus started it showed us an almost inferior past life and how much she’s changed.
    I also have a question do u guys think the show will get cancelled if the ratings don’t improve and how do you guys see it ending if they do axe it

    Once again huge fan of the show
    Patrick,London England

  2. Michiel Schneider says:

    Not even on the list, sad…

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Michiel,

      First off, let me apologize for not including your name on this page.

      I believe the reason you’re not listed is that you likely became a Patreon supporter after we changed the reward levels around and removed the promise to include people here. If not after, it might have been right around the same time and would explain why I missed you. There are likely others who aren’t included as well, but that’s no excuse. I also should have probably taken the page down, but it’s one of those things that fell by the wayside as the old website began to feel stale.

      I’ve been thinking about reworking the Patreon levels again and possibly bringing back the idea of a Supporters page, but nothing is set in stone yet.

      In any case, I’m very sorry about not including you and I truly hope it hasn’t caused any hard feelings. Thanks for listening, and please know we immensely appreciate your support of the podcast!


  3. Donna Donna says:

    Congratulations on your #400 episode Chris and Jason. I have to say that your podcast has been something I look forward to every week when the show is on. In fact on a more personal note there have been some hard times I’ve face and switching on your podcast and being able to just lose myself in the chatter between you two and the in’s and out’s of what’s happening to our heroes for an hour has made those burdens lighter.

    Thank you


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