The Talking Dead Update

[ UPDATE ] Upon further review, it seems that most of the voice mails are from people who have mistaken us for AMC’s “Talking Dead” after-show. I must be up front and clarify that we are not in any way affiliated with AMC TV or anybody else related with the network. We’ve been recording this podcast with the name “The Talking Dead” for about 2 years now and I hope you will continue to check out our show. I’m sorry for the confusion.

Hey Everybody! If you’ve been listening lately you’ll know that I’m in New York for New York comic Con this weekend. Jason wasn’t able to join me so he’s back at home, and unfortunately the hotel I’m in doesn’t have AMC so I haven’t been able to watch the season 2 premiere yet. It’s terribly upsetting for me, but rest assured that I’ll be seeing it as soon as humanly possible, and we’ll be recording a podcast as soon as we can after that.

I’m posting this because I received over 60 voice-mail notifications tonight from listeners, and I want to make sure everybody knows we really appreciate the response, and we aren’t ignoring you. As soon as we can get back in the same room together Jason and I will be recording an episode with as much listener feedback as possible.

Thank you so much for all your feedback, and please keep sending it in!

– Chris

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  1. Matt says:

    So… can we expect a new episode on Wednesday?

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