The Talking Dead #402: s9e4 – “The Obliged”

This week on the podcast jason and I recap season 9 episode 4 of The Walking Dead, “The Obliged”. Tune in for our thoughts on Michonne’s interactions with Negan, Carol’s problems with The Saviors, and how Rick and Daryl get out of a magic hole.

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3 comments on The Talking Dead #402: s9e4 – “The Obliged”

  1. Zombie Killer says:

    Listening to the podcast and I have to comment! Re: the zombie hanging from the tree — the zombie was an African American and it was a lynching — that’s why Michonne was so distraught!! She’s trying to rebuild civilization and she sees evidence that the worst of humanity is still ALIVE. The next part of the scene where she has to grab the bat is clerely a call back to Negan and Lucille and bashing people (Glenn, Abraham, & others). Later in the show, Negan tells Michonne that he and she are “the same” — they’re both killers. This episode keeps tying in pieces from the opening to later elements (reading the story to Judith — Michonne is taken aback by the sight of the bat in the book and flips to the end of the book telling Judith “the end”).

  2. Luke from CA says:

    Hi gents,

    Just wanted to say this season has been very good so far – maybe my favorite since they left the prison. The only negative so far is knowing that Rick is going to die. It would have been so much more impactful if we didn’t see it coming. And here’s hoping he doesn’t go down in such an anticlimactic way as getting bucked off a horse onto some rebar. I do have faith that they will give his death some meaning, though, and my guess is it will be in the name of uniting the groups together.

    Thanks for your continued hard work on this podcast.

  3. Greg from Maryland says:

    Hey guys hope I’m not too late for the feedback segment, but just wanted to chime in on the 402 review. I agree that some traps are being set possibly the Whisperers back story running parallel to current events. The hung Zombie did have his hands tied hmmm. Also one thing for Jason and his quick sand theory did he get that feeling as it appeared Rick was trapped in quick sand as the camera panned up and zombies closing in around. Well that’s it I appreciate you guys. Thanks

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