Was that a picture of Carl or Judith? Were the flashbacks too similar to Rick’s last episode? Why did Michonne use a spoon to attack Virgil? Tune in for the answers to these question and a lot more as we read your feedback about season 10 episode 13, “What We Become”.

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  1. I sincerely hope this email won’t get too nerdy. – In your last show Jason was wondering if we are ever going to find a pixel or a smallest possible unit, a basic building block of the universe. He went on to say that if we ever find that point, the universe or reality would be a simulation. Actually, it is just the other way around. As far as we know (or as far as modern Physics tells us) there is a smallest distance, the so-called “Planck length”. It is one of many units of the Planck scale. These units express the smallest possible space, time, energy, mass, etc.
    Given our current understanding of the universe, the Planck length IS the smallest unit of length with any physical significance. Below this threshold we cannot talk about cause and effect. Below this length, the laws of nature (or reality as we know it) would inevitably collapse. In order to reduce the units of the Planck scale we have to postulate more dimensions (up to ten, I think). However, that would change our reality, too.
    In short, the bad news is that Jason is wrong (at least I hope so). The good news is that your show is real and that the two of you can keep up your great work.

    I love your show,


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