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If you’ve visited our Facebook page in the last day or so you will already know that this week’s podcast has been a bit of a bitch. Jason and I recorded it as usual on Monday night, but due to a computer malfunction we ended up losing a big chunk of our “Triggerfinger” recap. After cursing profusely we decided that releasing a complete podcast a day late was better than putting out something unfinished. So we fired up the Skype and fixed it as best as possible, and I’m happy to say it worked out pretty well.

Thanks for your patience, and for tuning in.

Robert’s parody recap of “Nebraska” I mentioned on the show? You can find it right here.

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  1. Alright fellas, here’s what I am going to put to you. It is fine that Maggie says that Herschel hadnt had a drink since they day she was born, because that was her perception of Herschel. That is not to say that he DIDN’T have a drink, just that, to HER KNOWLEDGE, he hadn’t had a drink. I do believe that this particular demon is constantly nagging at the poor old farmer and I would NOT be surprised if he had slipped a few times.

  2. Prediction for next episode: Beth was infected when her mother attacked her by getting scratched. Last episode, they said she had a laceration on her wrist and was running a fever. She has died and has since become a walker. Laurie tries to check on her status, discovers this and tries to talk Maggie into killing her but it doesn’t work, hense the hostile dialog shown in the preview.

    Something else I noticed when I watched AMC’s The Walking Dead season 2 promo. Later in the video, Rick, Shane and some of the others are standing in a brick wall area very similar to the nursing home the gang of Hispanics were using in “Vatos”. It seems a lot of people have been attacked and are dead. In fact, there is a body in one of the shots that looks every much like Guillermo. Why the group would return to Atlanta puzzles me, but maybe it has to do with Merle or what Jenner told Rick is that everyone is already infected and he remembers that the elderly people were about to die from natural causes and come back as infected. Upon trying to save them, they arrive finding then already dead. It’s a long shot, but I would feel pretty smart if I turned out to be right. By the way, if everyone is already infected and you become a walker no matter how you die, a nursing home full of elderly people is one of the last places I would want to be.

    Love what you’re doing, keep it up.

  3. If Hershel and his family were aware the Sophia was in the barn, why was Jimmy so sincere in his desire to help them look for her? I interprited the looks between Maggie and Hershel being that Maggie wanted to tell them about the barn and Hershel was adament about that not happening. I don’t believe it had anything to do with they knowing about Sophia. Especially since on AMC’s Talking Dead, they talked with one of the Producers who cleary stated taht Hershel did not know she was in the barn and that Otis put her in there. They discussed that a scene had been written which was to be a flashback of Otis finding Sophia as a walker but that scene was never shot.

  4. I believe Herschel, Rick & Glenn camped outside of town so that they could cauterize Randall’s leg with a campfire. I do agree the night fell quickly after Rick shot the first two strangers…

  5. You mentioned that you’re not big fans of the Talking Dead TV shows because it’s not that in-depth. I agree. I think the 15 minute web show they do after is generally much better because they don’t have to fit to such a tight schedule and fit in the pointless stuff like there silly polls. Here’s a link to the bonus segment episode 8 you might enjoy:

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