Join Jason and I as we recap and discuss the season 3 mid-season finale, “Made To Suffer”. After that we read your listener feedback, and of course Holy Crap, Did You See That!? moments. Plus, we reveal what we’re planning for podcast #100 coming up in a couple of weeks. Tune in for the details.

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Comments (5)
  1. About the combo flash-bang and smoke grenade, just wanted to let you know they do exist! Google-fu provided me with the following website:

    “These cartridges will fire a projectile containing a combination payload of a Flash-Bang charge and a smoke charge. The Flash-Bang charge is contained in a rubber section of the projectile. It is initiated approximately 4 seconds after launch. The smoke section is initiated approximately 1.5 seconds after launch and provides smoke under pressure for approximately 25 seconds.”

    Enjoying the podcasts, as always! Thanks, guys!

  2. Why does Michonne want to kill the Governor? Because he sent Merle and his stooges to kill her! She was in pretty bad shape because of that.

    Also Michonne doesn’t know that Andrea knows Team Prison at all or that they know her.

  3. Hey guys, Alex in North Carolina. I think that if the Governor really considered Merle a threat they would have disarmed him before the speech. And also Merle doesn’t seemed at all surprised when Daryl is brought out.

    ********Comic Spoiler**********

    In the comic book we see a different character go back to the prison with Rick and who later tries to betray them by running away and trying to give information to the Governor.

    Do you think we could see a fake escape by Meryl and Daryl from Woodbury and a return to the prison with Meryl being the inside man for the Governor when they attack the prison? Just a thought.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. I’m kind of thinking when it all goes down, Andrea may end up taking the place of Lily… comic reader know what I mean.

    Love your podcast guys, despite “zed” always throwing my American mind for a loop 🙂 Keep up the great analysis and comments!

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